Community Wellbeing Survey

Posted on October 19, 2015

The West Elgin Community Health Centre’s (WECHC) Community Wellbeing Survey was based on the domains that make up the Canadian Index of Wellbeing framework, which looks at social, health, economic and environmental factors that contribute to the quality of life of Canadians.
The Canadian Index of Wellbeing framework is made up of 8 core domains that measure the quality of life of Canadians: Community Vitality, Democratic Engagement, Education, Environment, Healthy Populations, Leisure and Culture, Living Standards and Time Use.
The WECHC Community Wellbeing Survey was administered to participants at a number of locations over the span of a few weeks in 2014. This report provides a snapshot on the quality of life of 404 residents from West Elgin and Dutton/Dunwich municipalities who provided feedback through this survey. Survey questions were matched with the appropriate indicators from the Canadian Index of Wellbeing framework.

Community Wellbeing Survey Results 2015


Infographic CIW






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