October is Community Support Services Month!

Posted on September 29, 2014

Be Healthy. Be Independent At Home and In Your Community.

Just imagine being able to stay in the comfort of your own home and community, where precious memories are longstanding. Member agencies of the OCSA such as West Elgin Community Health Centre are able to make this a reality.

There are many services in our community that help to keep older persons healthy and living independently at home. You may have heard of some of these services, or you may not learn about these services until you are in a situation where you need them.

Here is an example of when that may happen. You have had a bad case of the flu. It just seems to have taken all your energy, and you are not bouncing back as you once did. You don’t have any appetite and you certainly don’t feel like making yourself a nutritious, hot meal. You don’t have the energy to go out to visit friends, and you may not even feel comfortable driving yourself right now. Your family lives quite a distance away and they are worried about how you are managing on your own after this illness.

Your doctor or nurse tells you that it will just take time. He/she suggests that you might look into arranging some help through the West Elgin Community Health Centre’s senior programs, such as Meals on Wheels or frozen meals, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance or transportation programs. These are some of the Home and Community Support Services available in West Elgin and Dutton-Dunwich (You don’t need to have a doctor at the Health Centre to access these services).

These programs have many advantages to seniors and adults with disabilities. They help you to remain living in your home independently. They can help to keep you out of the hospital or long term care homes. They help you to remain in charge of your destiny, and to maintain your self-esteem. These services are often provided through a team of volunteers, who are people living right in your community. While they deliver your meal, or call to check up on you, or drive you to your appointment, these volunteers will visit with you and give you updates on the happenings in your community. They understand your feelings and provide a listening ear. Often just having these short visits will make you feel stronger and better about yourself. Your family will be reassured also, that someone is checking on you.

October is the month that we celebrate all of the Home and Community Support Services available to you in your community. Community Support Month is also a time to volunteer-to help your neighbours and build community. For more information about the following Home and Community Support Services, please contact Shelly at the West Elgin Community Health Centre. 519-768-1715 Ext. 2210 or BettyJo Drent at Ext. 2319.Community Support for Seniors

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