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Posted on February 17, 2015

Baby Steps – Canadians are learning that there’s a Smarter Way to Walk…provided by Nordixx Pole Walking Canada:

Europe’s highly popular exercise regime has Canadian’s turning onto Pole Walking for increased health and disease reduction as Nordixx Canada promotes their Nordixx Pole Walking Training Courses across the Country.

For both the young and the young at heart, millions of Europeans use Nordic Pole Walking for health, fitness and social enjoyment.  Nordic Pole Walking is one of the fastest growing sporting activities globally. Due to its easy to do low impact and low cost, Nordic Pole Walking is steadily becoming Canada’s one of the more popular activities for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Why is Nordic Pole Walking proven to be effective to improve fitness, health and prevent chronic diseases?

 The simple answer: “The more body muscles that are incorporated in an exercise the more calories you burn”.

Many clinical studies have proven the benefits of this full body walking regime. The good news: the rate of perceived exertion is not higher than regular walking, but according to a recent study from the McGill University, Montreal, Nordic Pole Walking is 125% more effective.

Studies show that Pole Walking:

  • Burns up to 67 % more calories than exercise walking without the poles
  • Increases heart and cardiovascular training to 25 %
  • Incorporates 90 % of all body muscles
  • Diabetes Type 2 – can improve diabetes metabolism, reduce insulin resistance and reduce medication drastically within three months
  • Can reduce high blood pressure drastically (by 18mmHg) within 8 weeks
  • Eliminates back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints (about 26 %)
  • Increases production of “positive” hormones
  • Supports stress management and mental disorders
  • Develops upright body posture

The good news:moderate and regular Pole Walking is the key to success. You need not to exhaust yourself, but make sure you exercise your cardiovascular system and your body muscles.

Nordixx Pole Walking Canada Inc. provides special programs that reach out to millions of Canadians. In addition to raising awareness and funds for many health organizations, they have been gaining increased recognition and support from major health promoters like the Diabetes Association, Osteoporosis Canada, The Arthritis Society,the Ottawa Cancer Foundation, the Trillium Foundation, CARP (the Canadian Association of Retired Persons) and major hospitals including Sunnybrook Hospital. “There is an understanding that we are here for the long run and not promoting any short term fitness craze, and that’s why I believe that so many of the premier health and wellness organizations are partnering with us.” says Greg Bellamy, Co-Founder of NordixxPole WalkingCanada.

The Greek Philosopher Hippocrates once said “Walking is man’s best medicine”.  Nordic Pole Walking is just The Smarter Way to Walk.  For more information go to www.nordixx.com or attend the upcoming demonstration on:

Thursday, March 5th at 11am for the walk and instruction and then lunch to follow.

Please contact Bettyjo at 519-768-1715 ext#2319 for more information on the demonstration at WECHC and to RSVP.


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