Pole Walking Returns in Spring

Posted on March 6, 2015

Greg Bellamy of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada was onsite in January and then again on Thursday, March 5th for our Walk N’ Dine program to demonstrate the proper way to use walking poles. Walking poles as part of your daily exercise can:

• Burn more calories with Pole Walking than regular walking!
• Pole walking with straps can lead to more effective fitness
• Use 90% of your muscles for a highly effective full body workout
• Reduce impact on knee and hip joints.
• Improve muscle tone, core muscles, posture, balance, stability, and more!

We will have Greg back again in late Spring, but in the meantime, we invite you to come out the 1st Thursday of every month to Pole Walk with us here at the HUB and then join us for lunch afterwards. For more information, please call Bettyjo Drent at…. Ex. 2319


Greg Bellamy Nordix Pole Demo

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