Soup’s On Haiti Presentation

Posted on March 27, 2015

WECHC Soup’s on Monday, March 16 had a special guest come and speak.


Allison Hutson, WECHC’s current Co-Op student from Lambton College recently spent her reading week in Haiti doing volunteer work. She spent time at orphanages, homes for disabled children, school for adults for literacy as well as a stop at a local Health Centre.  Allison presented a slide show which was well received with the seniors as well as some staff who attended her presentation. Allison also had some pieces of art and craft items that she brought back to share with the group. Some items were passed around the room and guests were able to see the work that some Haitians do to earn a living. She spoke on the food, geography and culture of the people in Haiti. This experience has enhanced Allison’s life and she says that she now sees things in a more positive way and is grateful for the little things in life. Allison plans to return to Haiti in the future and encourages anyone who wants to go overseas for volunteer work to go for it!


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