Client Rights

Click on the link for the pdf version of our RightsandResponsibilities


West Elgin Community Health Centre’s (“the Centre”) Board, management, staff, volunteers
and students agree to be courteous, professional and respectful to clients at all times and in all
circumstances. The Centre will provide high quality, confidential services in an environment free
from discrimination. In turn, clients of the Centre are expected to treat everyone in a courteous
and respectful manner, without discrimination.


• To be committed to maintaining and/or improving my health and to participate in my health care plan
• To treat others courteously, with respect and fairness and without discrimination
• To be accountable for my actions and to accept the consequences of my behaviour, which may include being refused service by the Centre
• To be on time for appointments and to call and cancel appointments (with at least 24 hours notice) if I am not able to attend
• To be honest in my interactions with the Centre


• To express my opinions and be heard in a manner that is open, honest and accepting
• To be treated courteously, respectfully, and fairly in a manner that fully recognizes my dignity, privacy and individuality
• To have my personal information kept confidential in accordance with the law
• To be informed in writing of any law, rule or policy affecting the services I receive and of the procedures for
initiating complaints
• To be treated in a manner that is sensitive to my individual needs and preferences and which respects my
individual differences including various ethnic, psychological, familial, spiritual, sexual, language or cultural factors
• To feel accepted and welcomed
• To raise concerns with or recommend changes in policies and services to the Centre
• To be fully informed about the services provided to me, all aspects of my care and who will be providing the service
• To participate in the assessment of my eligibility for a service, and if eligible, in the plan of service set up by the provider
• To be informed of services and treatment options, to give consent or refuse consent for services and/or treatment and be informed of the consequences of this decision
• To feel safe and free from all forms of abuse