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Heartfelt Thank you to the Let's Connect Team!

A raving review received November 2, 2022:

"I'm not sure who to pass this along to but I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone that is running and helping out with the Cooking Kids (7-9 years) program.  Our family had the crockpot chicken cacciatore tonight and it just warmed us all to the core.  As embarrassing as this is to admit, growing up my family couldn't afford to make hearty, nutritious meals, and so the skill was not passed down.  Learning kitchen skills, but more importantly incorporating healthy proteins and vegetables into meals, is still an ongoing process.  But because of programs like Cooking Kids at WECHC, we are getting ideas and learning to make nutritious meals at home.

My children can be picky but because my daughter made the food last night during the program, she was more open to trying her own creation and ended up loving it!  Thank you so much for doing this every month.  I hope one day my kids can be volunteers in a program like this, whether with WECHC, or another organization, but I'm grateful someone saw the gift of teaching kids to cook healthy meals and offered it to their community free of charge".

November 09, 2022
Invaluable Resource in Our Community

A Google review posted October 31, 2022...

"The West Elgin Community Health Centre is such an invaluable resource in our community that I think more people should know about.  They offer so much more than just doctors and nurses and their programming is run by caring staff who you can tell love what they do.  I started coming here a number of years back for primary care and have since used many of their programs and I can't say enough good things.  They run programs for kids starting at age 0 all the way up to age 18 and they also run programs for adults and parents and even offer childcare during some of those programs which is a huge bonus. 

The Health Centre offers primary care, lab services, chronic disease management, counselling, diabetes management, dietitians, all of which I have used and had great success with.  Stephanie, in chronic disease management, has totally changed my life and my mindset.  We have also used a ton of mental health programs for my family member and its all been great.  On top of that they run so many community programs, including cooking classes for kids of all ages that are so much fun for the kids (and the parents) and I'm finding myself really enjoying the programming and getting a chance to socialize with other people in the community.  Julie and Janelle are so wonderful and Dr. Rycerz is always thorough and helpful.  We've also had Shauna do appointments and she's been a pleasure to work with. 

There is always quick appointments if you desperately need them - somebody will fit you in.  Sometimes you will have to wait for a general appointment but I really don't mind given the amount of service I personally get from here.  Truly, I feel that what the community gets from the Health Centre is invaluable and I hope more people take advantage of all the free programming".

November 08, 2022
Thank You from a Member of the Community

My entire family are patients at your Centre and you always make it obvious that our health and happiness is your top priority.  Here we are, in a pandemic, and once again you all are exhibiting how it is OUR health that is of utmost importance.  You all are risking your own lives to better those of others.  You are all angels and we couldn't imagine life without you.  You go above and beyond.

A few specific staff members that we often deal with:

Katrina - who answers ANY form of question or concern we may have with such care and precision.

Debbie, Cindy and Larissa - who have always shown love and devotion to the health, wellbeing and development of our two children.

Dr. Bond - who provides the greatest care to myself and my children.  She is so thorough and caring to each of us!  She brings comfort to us when we are not well.

All of the front-line staff answering calls, booking our appointments and greeting us with a smile.

Except for the fact that often visiting the Centre involves someone in our household being sick, we LOVE visiting WECHC because every single member expresses such love towards us.  We feel so cared for when we are there.  You are appreciated greatly not just today but every day.

Move love,

A Client of the Health Centre

June 12, 2020

A Heart Warming Thank You for Our Community Support Services for Seniors
November 22, 2018